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dar um concert
to give a concert
dar um telefonema
to make a call
dar conselhos
to advise
dar uma festa
to throw a party
dar um aumento
to raise a salary
dar aulas
to teach
dar boas-vindas a
to welcome
dar um passeio
take a walk
dar uma volta
take a walk
dar certo
to turn out well, work
dar em nada
to come to nothing
dar para trás
to get worse
dar-se conta
to realize
dar ouvidos
to pay attention
dar o braço a torcer
to admit
dar a entender
to give the impression
dar a impressão de
to give the impression
dar à luz
to give birth
dar a palavra
to giv his word
dar-se bem, mal
to get along with, to do well (poorly)
dar a mão à palmatória
to admit of being wrong
dar para
to face or to have a certain skill
dar na mesma
it´s all the same
dar uma mão
to give a hand
dar com a língua nos dentes
to reveal a secret
dar de cara com
to bump into
dar duro
to work hard
dar murro em ponta de faca
to commit oneself to a very difficult or even impossible task
dar com os burros n´àgua
to fail
dar na vista
to be noticed
dar no pé
to hit the road, get outta here
dar o fora
to leave
dar por falta de
to miss
dar pé
to be able to touch the bottom (of a pool for example) -or- to be possible
dar a volta por cima
recover from a difficult situation