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hace + time + que + preterite

("hace seis meses que....")
(________ years) ago
hace poco

hace mucho
just a bit ago/ a short time ago

a long time ago
hacer caso a
to pay attention to (ppl or pets)
hacer caso de
to pay attention to (objects)
hacer daño a
to injure
hacer de
to work as (trabajar como)
hacer una visita
to visit
hacer juego con
to go with, to match
hacer la vista gorda
to ignore, to turn a blind eye
hacer las paces
to make peace
hacer pedazos
to tear into pieces
hacer una pregunta
to ask a question
to become (somtehing that requires effort)
hacerse daño
to injure oneself
hacerse tarde
to become/get late
hacérsele agua a la boca
to make one's mouth water
meter la pata
to put your foot in your mouth
meter las narices
to stick your nose in
meterse en
to get involved in
meterse en un callejón sin salida
to have no way out, be between a rock and a hard place