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a favor de
in favor of
a fines de
at (around) the end of, toward the end of
al extranjero
abroad (to go abroad)
en el extranjero
abroad (to be abroad)
a la fuerza
by force
a lo mejor
probably, perhaps
a mano
by hand
a mediados de
about the middle of, in the middle of
a pie
on foot
a que
I´ll bet...
a solas
a través de
across, through (physical or temporal)
al fin y al cabo
at the end, when all is said and done
al revés
inside out
con anticipación
in advance, beforehand
con razón
no wonder
consultar con la almohada
to sleep on it
dar de comer
to feed
de buen (mal) humor
in a good (bad) mood
de etiqueta
formal attire
de hecho
in fact, as a matter of fact
de hoy en ocho
a week from now
de ninguna manera (de ningún modo)
no way, by no means
desde ahora
from now on
en breve
in short, soon, shortly, right away
en cambio
on the other hand
en pleno día
in broad daylight
entre sí
among themselves
ir de compras
to go shopping
llegar a ser
to become (usually slow and sometimes difficult change)
to become (voluntary or deliberate changes)
to become (mood, physical condition, appearance)
to become (involuntary mental or psychological changes to animate objects)
ni siquiera
not even, not a single
ponerse al corriente
to be updated, to get caught up
por lo pronto
for the time being
por otra parte
on the other hand
si mal no recuerdo
it I remember right...
tener que ver con
to have to do with