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At the anode of the xray tube, the energy of electrons may be change into what type of energy?
Heat and Xray
When electrons are decelerated in the the process of xray production, their energy is converted to
heat and xray
the term that refers to the quantity of electrons moving from the cathode to the anode in the xray tube is ...
An xray bean in which all the photon have the same energy is said to be ....
homogeneous and monenergetic
The total quanity of electricity which flowed through a circuit during an exposure is measured by ...
The number of xrays produced in the beam is ...... proportional to the number of electrons striking the anode
Radiation is emitted when an outer shell electron fills the orbit of a vacant inner shell. This type of radiation is described as what?
The release of electrons by manipulatin of current, producing extreme temperatures on the filament is known as?
Thermionic emission
In most xray tubes, there are two filaments to ...
provide two focal spots
Increasing the temperature of the xray tube filaments increases the
The heel effect occurs because of ...
the xray absorption at the anode
Tungsten is the choice material for xray anodes because of its ..
high atomic number
Which of the following components of a diagnostic xray tube is on the positive side ofthe tube? Cathode, filament, focusing cup, stator
the Stator
What is defined as the production of xray photons by the electrostatic attraction between the incident electron and the nucleus of the tungsten atom
bremsstrahlung interaction
What is the source of radiation within the tube?
Anode (created, focal spot is the actual place of production of radiation (anode side)
An increase in the kilovoltage applied to the tube results in .... wavelenths
What device is turned by a rotor?
During an exposure most of the .... energy of the projectile electons is converted to ...
Kinetic, heat
Electron interactions at the inner shell of the target produce ... radiation
Most of the xrays produced at the target are
Characteristic xrays are produced by
released binding energy
Bremsstrahlung xrays are produced by
slowing electrons
Approximately what percent of the energy of the projectile electons is converted to xrays at the target?
One percent
Increasing the kVp will do which of the following? decrease tube current, increases the speed of electrons, increase beam quality
increases the speed of electrons & increase beam quality
The number of lead strips per inch in a grid is a measure of ...
grid frequency
What determines visibility of detail in a radiograph
density and contrast
Low energy radiation will result in what scale of contrast?
Short scale
Why is contrast needed on a radiographic image?
makes detail visable
What is the effect of scatter radiation on the radiograph?
produces fog
is detrimental to visibility
it destroys contrast
What is a method of limiting the production of scatter radiation?
Restricting the beam
If all factors remained the same, increasing the SID would have what effect on the density of the radiograph?
less density
Radiographic Density refers to...
the amount of overall blackening on a radiograph or a particular part of the radiograph
which factor is most often manipulated if a radiograph must be repeated becuase it is too light or too dark?
What is the effect on the xray when exposure time is longer?
the number of photons emitted by the xray tube is larger
A higher kVp usually has what effect on scatter?
Increases the amount of scatter radiation produced.
For maintaining the original desnity, mA and exposure time combinations are...
inversely proportional
Radiographic distortion can be seaprated into two categories.. What are they?
Size and shape
what will minimize the amount of distortion that is recorded on the finished radiograph?
Long SID and Short OID
What is used to determine grid ratio?
The height of the lead strips divided by the space between the lead strips.
What will produce a decrease in contrast without changing density?
increasing kVp and decreasing mAs (15% rule and density maintenance)
Which primary radiographic exposure factors are controlled by geometric factors such as distance?
Recorded Detail
Which conditions contribute to increased recorded detail?
Small effective focal spot size, long SID, Short OID
What will produce visible changes in radiographic contrast?
Primary Beam field size and Grid Ratio
What physical interactions between radiation and matter most assists in producing long scale contrast?
Compton Effect = Fog
What can minimize magnification?
Decreased OID
What factors affect radiographic image density?
Anatomic Part size
What interaction between xrays and matter most assists in producing high contrast?
What factor will cause loss of recorded detail?
Subject motion
The undesirable absorption of image-forming xrays by a grid is called...
Grid cutoff
What is the simplest type of grid?
Parallel grid
If radiographic grids are used and technique is compensated, patient exposure ...
increases with increasing grid ratio
What is an indesirable characteristic of parallel rids compared to focus grids?
More grid cutoff
What is the result of replacing an 8:1 grid with a 12:1 grid?
Higher contrast
... is the loss of some of the energy from the xray beam as it passes through the tissue being imaged.
..... is the term to descrive what happens when the xray phon travel through the part completel.
Density if a ..... property of the radiographic image.
Contrast is a .... property of the radiographic image.
What is the minimum change in the radiographic density.