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Did the early explorers go sailing during Ancient times?
No. The early explorers sailed much later - 1400-1500 AD.
What countries claimed land in North America?
What explorers came from England?
John Cabot
Christopher Newport
Where was the first permanent French settlement?
Quebec, Canada
Who explored the St. Lawrence River for France?
Jacques Cartier
What was Ponce de Leon's achievements?
He founded the first permanent Spanish settlement at St. Augustine, Florida
What was Columbus's achievements?
He discovered the New World.
He was the first European to discover weather and disease.
In what cardinal direction did these early explorers sail?
What was Champlain's achievements?
He established the first permanent French settlement at Quebec, Canada.
What was Columbus looking for?
He wanted to find a western sea route to Asia.
What explorers came from France?
Jacques Cartier
Samuel de Champlain
Where was the first permanent Spanish settlement?
St. Augustine, Florida
What was John Cabot's motivation for sailing?
He wanted to find a direct route to Asia.
Why was early exploration so important back then?
Many countries wanted to conquer new land and become wealthier and more powerful.
What explorers came from Spain?
Christopher Columbus
Ponce de Leon
What explorer founded the first permanent English settlement?
Christopher Newport
What country sponsored Christopher Columbus?
What continent did these early explorers come from?
What ocean did these early explorers sail across?
the Atlantic Ocean
Who explored the coast of North America and Newfoundland for England?
John Cabot
What was Champlain's motivation for sailing?
He wanted to colonize the New World.
What was Ponce de Leon looking for?
land to conquer
the Fountain of Youth
What explorer founded the first permanent French settlement?
Samuel de Champlain
What country sponsored Ponce de Leon?
Who gave money and support to Columbus?
Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain
What country sponsored Champlain?
What were some of the obstacles that the early explorers had?
small ships
poor maps
bad weather
Indian attacks
Where was the first permanent English settlement?
Jamestown, Virginia