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To encourage someone to do something.
To do with or from Europe.
To give money or support to people who are doing something worthwhile.
A person who travels in order to discover what a place is like.
Who was the first European to reach the Americas in 1492?
Christopher Columbus
What country sponsored Christopher Columbus's voyage?
Why did Christopher Columbus sail west?
To find a western route to Asia and the Far East.
Where did Columbus land?
an island he named San Salvador.
Who is remembered as Spain's first new world explorer?
Christopher Columbus
Name the Spanish explorer that was sent to find gold and precious jewels and to colonize the new land.
Juan Ponce de Leon
Name the Spanish explorer that discovered Florida.
Juan Ponce de Leon.
What country sponsored Juan Ponce de Leon's explorations?
What was Ponce de Leon looking for when he discovered Florida?
gold, jewels, and the Fountain of Youth
What is the oldest city in the United States of America?
St. Augustine, Florida
What country sponsored Jacques Cartier's
Why did King Francis I send Cartier to search the waters beyond Newfoundland?
To find a northwest passage through North America to Asia.
Where did Cartier explore?
What is now the St. Lawrence River and Quebec.
Who is remembered as France's first New World explorer?
Jacques Cartier
What country sponsored Christopher Newport's explorations?
Why did England send Christopher Newport to the New World?
to establish a colony, search for a passage to the Pacific Ocean, and find riches.
Who was the first European to reach the Fall Line in what is now Virginia?
Christopher Newport
Who is remembered as the explorer who delivered colonists to Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World?
Christopher Newport
Name the European countries that sent explorers to the New World.
Spain, France, and England
What is the name of the first French settlement in the New World?
Why was everyone looking for a western route to Asia.
To make trading goods easier.
Name the king and queen of Spain that first sponsored Columbus's voyage.
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella