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What happened to the Vikings?
their civilization died out
What is a cartographer?
a maker of maps
Who is America named after?
Amerigo Vespucci
What is a knoll?
a small round hill
When did Marco Polo start his voyages?
around 1271
What is a saga?
an adventure story
Who was the first explorer to travel south around Africa to the Cape of Good Hope?
What was Marco Polo's nickname and why?
Marco Millions, because of his many stories
Name three things the Europeans wanted from Asia.
spices, silk, gold, jewels, perfumes
Who were the first people to reach North America?
the Vikings
What was brought back from Prince Henry's best route?
slaves, fruit, gold
What is an exploration?
the searching of the unknown
What kind of stories did Marco Polo tell?
told of the riches found in Asia
Who created the first globe?
Martin Behaim
What were the scientific and technological advances that helped Europe find new trade routes?
compasses, ships with sails that would go against the wind, faster ships
The zero degrees line of longitude is called?
the prime meridian
What was so important about spices?
it covered the bad taste of meat
Where did the Vikings first land?
Greenland and Iceland
Who was the first one to sail around Africa to India?
Vasco da Gama
What is an encounter?
a meeting
What was the result of European trading being cut off in 1453?
they started to find new routes (ocean voyages)
Lines of longitude are also called?
Who was asked to set up a new trade route for Portugal?
Prince Henry
What continent is included in the Far East?
What continents are included in the Middle East?
SW Asia and N. Africa
What is an expedition?
a journey made for a reason
What did Prince Henry set up?
a navigation school that was secretive
What is a compass?
an instrument used to find direction
Why did European trading with Asia stop in 1453?
the Turks took control of the Middle East
What is a monarch?
a king or queen
Whose ship sailed around the world, but unfortunately he died before this happened?
Name three things that kept the Europeans from searching for unknown lands?
believed the world was dangerous, ships were slow, few maps, European rulers were not interested
Who discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513?
What was wrong with the first globes that were made?
Africa was shown too small and the wrong shape, No N. and S. America or Antarctica or Australia, Asia & Europe were really 10,000 miles apart
Lines of latitude are also called?
What is scurvy?
a sickness caused by not getting enough vitamin C
The zero degrees line of latitude is called?
the equator
What does is mean to navigate?
to control the course of a ship
A narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas is an ___________?
What settlement did Leif Eriksson find?
Name three countries from which the Vikings came.
Norway, Sweden, and Finland