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Prince Henrey (Portugal)
1st navigation school, sponsered ships

The Azors, Senegal River, Madeira Islands, Cape Verde Islands

Foundation of what became Portugese empire in the 1500s
Bartolomeu Dias (Portugal)
Southern tip of Africa, Cape of Good Hope

Proved ships could reach East Asia by sailing around Africa
Vasco de Gama (Portugal)
Went from Portugal to south west coast of India

Pioneered a water route to India and provided glimpse of riches that could come from trade with the east
Christopher Columbus (Spain)
discovered "New World"-Carribean Islands, Cuba

Spain gets foothold in new world
Ferdinand Magellan (Spain)
Discovered straits that lead to the south sea, teached island of Guam

First circumnavigation, proved world round & larger than believed, oceans are conncected, Columbus did not discover Asia
Pedro Cabral (Portugal)
Went to India by Atlantic-defeated Muslums in Indian Oceans, colonized what is now Brazil, set up trade post in China/Japan

Established Portuguese control of Indian ocean and Spice Islands, Portugal in "new world"
Hernan Cortes (Spain)
Cuba --> Mexico, marched to Aztec Capitol, deafeated them,ruled Mexico

50,000 Aztecs killed because of disease and the war
Franciso Pizarro (Spain)
Invaded Inca empire, held their leader for ransom, asked for gold, w/o leader the people weakened

Spain controled large area, many Incas killed
Jermamdp DeSoto (Spain)
Reached Mississippi River

Claimed territory in North American for Spain
Jacques Cartier (France)
Finished Giovanni de Verrozano's work-sailed up St. Lawerence River to present day Montreal

claimed much of Eastern Canada for France
Samuel de Champlain (France)
Founded Quebec

1st permanent French settlement in New World
Marquette & Joliet (French)

~were Jesusits~
Explored Mississippi Valley

Further claims in New World made for Franec
Robert Sieur de la Salle (French)
Explored Mississippi River-region surrounding Mississippi River

Claimed entire inland region surrounding Miss. River
John Cabot (English)
Newfoundland-Nova Scotia

English claimes in New World
Henry Hudson (Dutch)
Claimed territory along Atlantic coast of North America
Became major center for European and colonial trade
Francis Drake (England)
First Englishman to circumnavigate

6 years later sacked Spainish sea ports in caribbean
Balboa (Spain)
Renamed South Sea Pacific

Why did other coutnries want to break the Italian-Muslim trade monopoly?
To have access to the riches and spices (a direct route)
What is the trading route?
Mediterranian-Black Sea-Overland silk route to Atlantic
Name the newly forned nation-states and what they competed for.
France, Portugal, Spain, England, Holand

New markets (land & bullion), goods and colonies, new sense of nationalism
Name the 7 scientific improvements.
latitude/longititude, hour glass, maps, compass, astrolabe, multiple masts & lateen sails, improved rudder (Caravel-the new ship), carried rifles and cannons