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Order and carryover effects are disadvantages of which design
within subjects design
Fewer people needed and yields more statistical power are advantages of which design
within subjects design
Yielding possible interaction effects is an advantage of what design
factorial design
A way to express factorial designs using numbers is known as
shorthand notation
When performance improves due to repeated testing this is due to?
practice effects
Another name for repeated measures?
Within subjects design
What attempts to control for order effects by varying the order in which subjects receive various treatments
Practice and fatigue are examples of
order effects
When performance declines due to repeated testing and not the IV, this is known as
fatigue effect
Which type experiment has the most control and generates the strongest cause and effect statements
true experiment
What type experiment is more popular but lacks random assignment
quasi experiment
Which type experiment has the poorest control
What is considered a measure of stability
What type reliability only gives a test one time
Type of measure of internal consistency in terms of reliability
Shortening a test decreases it's reliability, what type reliability test shortens a test?
Face and content are examples of what type validity
Predictive and concurrent are examples of which type validity
Another name for criterion validity
Discriminant and convergent are examples of what type validity
If we have a representative sample and a large sample what type validity do we have
sampling validity
True-experiment and random assignment are the reason we can make this statement that the test has good ___
internal validity
If something happens NOT due to chance we can say it is____
statistically significant
When using a representative sample and experimental realism we can establish this type validity
external validity
Another name for random sampling
probability sampling technique or random selection
Another name for proportional sample
stratified random sample
When using intact groups to get our sample we use?
cluster random sample
If we have to know how the population is proportional to do this sampling technique it would be what kind?
stratified random sample
Any clues available to the subjects that enable them to determine the purpose of the experiment are called
demand characteristics
A way to avoid having demand characteristics is to use a?
cover story
If we see a change in those being studied because they know they are being studied this is known as
Hawthorne effect or reactivity
Discriminant validity and convergent validity are methods of establishing this
construct validity
The use of alternate forms, test retest and inter item methods are ways to establish what
test reliability
A common way of establishing internal consistency is
split half method
If we use unobtrusive measures, we are trying to deal with this
What is IRB?
Institutional Review Board
If eveyone has an equal chance of being place in any condition to make treatment groups as similar as possible, what is being done
random assignment
If the statistically significant level is set at .05 what is this level called
alpha level
This prevents experimenter bias and reactivity
double blind