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The underlying principle of suitibility screening is to?
Screen each AD and Family Member for a specific location and time
Within how many days does the transferring command have to make the determination of suitability?
30 days
Who is responsible to provide notice of delay?
Transferring command (not medical) based on medical's Info
For how many months are educational/medical/dental screenings valid?
12 Months
How is remote duty locations assigned/defined?
2 hour drive under normal conditions
Things to consider before determine suitability?
Scope of medical, physical environment, ancillary capabilities, special PE complete (Ie Instructor/Aviation/Fire Fighting)
True or False?

Only AD member's conditions need to be forwarded to the gaining MTF?
False. AD along with his family members.
Family members are screened when:
Accompanied orders to type 3,4,6
Unaccompanied orders for 24 months or more
Family members plan to join member later
Post pregnancy suitability screening takes place at what time interval?
8 Weeks Post
Special requirement for secondary dependents (parents, parents-in-law, step parents or parents by adoption) in overseas location?
Must be counseled at ALL outside MTF treatment will be billable. Limited Space A medical TX. Sponsors need to be counseled on ensuring dependent parents have appropriate private medical insurance to cover the cost of healthcare.
If non-availability of DOD's educational intervention courses, can members screening be denied? Why or Why not?
DOD Schools are entitlements under IDEA. No child gets turned away.
For children with IEP, refer them to what program?
Exceptional Family Member Program
Who is responsible for conducting OSS for civilian hire?
Human Resources (HRO)
Who is not eligible for enrollment in EFMP?
DOD civilian employees and their family members
Any family member who refuses immunization is....
Medically unsuitable for assignment
Who isn't eligible for the EFMP program?
DOD Civilians
What are the required immunizations for children?
Hep B, DPT, HIB, MMR & Varicella
Person may refuse immunications because of?
Medical condition(allergies), History of disease, Religious Issues
Screenings are incomplete until what?
All tests, specialty consultations, suitability inquiries are documented
If a delay of ??? days is expected, notify PSD, Parent Command and Member
30 days
Who can sign off medical suitability?
MD/PA/Nurse Practitioners/IDCs
On the NAVMED 1300/1, ensure what is documented.
Potential disqualifying factors, acute or chronic medical or dental concerns, or mental health concerns
What is the "once a year" required medical form needed by all AD?
RX will provide _____ days of meds.
Up to 180 days
Hx of substance abuse/dependence: what must be addressed?
Condition, dates of aftercare, and names of health care providers and counseling and assistance centers are in the health record.
Determine if rehab or aftercare will be completed by transfer date.
Mental Hx: what must be addressed?
Review info on diagnosis, type of care (inpatient or outpatient), period of tx, medications used, and narrative summaries. Specific info on episodes of care during past 12 Mo is necessary.
Ensure an evaluation by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or appropriate health care provider if:
An episode of inpatient psy tx occured in the past year.
An exacerbation occured and out of work 3 or more days.
Currently undergoing evaluation or TX for mental disorder.
Two or more significant outpt interventions were required within the past year.
Evaluation from Psychiatrist is not required when:
Marital problems, bereavement or short-term adjustment disorders.
Pychotherapy or counseling avg less than once per week for less than 90 days.
Family members with ADHD are suitable if:
Taking Meds
Condition is stable
Meds and support can be managed by a primary care physician @ the gaining MTF.
Child can be managed in a regular classroom or special education are available at the overseas location.
What does the MD signature denote on the NAVMED 1300/1?
accountability for a complete and thorough suitability scrn for each service and family member
Service members are found unsuitable if:
Gaining MTF cannot support him.
Service member inable to perform the duties of his or her grade or rate.
If worldwide unsuitable beyond 90 days, the member should be refered to who?
Refer to LIMDU then PEB if necessary.
All persons (AD and family) must be a dental class?
1 or 2
Civilian dental examinations are valued for how many months?
6 months
For type 3 or 6 duty (overseas) or remote duty assignment, forward screening inquiry to who?
Gaining MTF
For type 2 or 4 duty (stateside or overseas operational assignment) forward screening to who?
Medical officer for the operational platform
How should inquirys be forwarded?
Via Message Traffic ONLY!
What should be included in the message traffic?
Sponsor info, ICD9 code for each diagnosis and history of tx
Who determines suitability for educational needs?
DoDDS EDIS coordinators
When at any time does the EFMP enrollment hold up the OSS?
Who is responsible to sign off the medical NAVPERS 1300/16?
How long is the completed screenings filed for?
2 years after completion of screening, after which the record can be destroyed
When a suitability recommendation is unresolved, who determines suitability?
The NAVPERSCOM (PERS-4821) medical officer will review for suitability and make the final decision.
The initial screening is valid for how long?
12 months
Who is responsible for completing the initial suitability screening?
The current MTF
Suitability will take place when service and family members receive orders to another overseas, remote duty, or operational assignment. When is it not required?
For an in-place consecutive assignment or an intra-theatre transfer when the duty station is supported by the same MTF.
Suitability screening may be conducted by other than a Navy MTF when:
Family members do not reside with sponsor.
Service Member is deployed.
Service member is screened separately by a battalion or flight surgeon to save duty time.
Family members are enrolled in a civilian health carfe program such as TRICARE.
Service or family members are not located near a Navy MTF.
Family member is in college or residential facility.
Children reside with separated or divorced spouse.
Family members were not initially screened before an intermediate duty assignment.
If members has unaccompanied orders, family members will need to be screen if:
Orders are for longer than 24 months.
If a member is improperly screened, what needs to happen?
The CO or OIC of the gaining MTF will report deficiencies when they occur to NAVPERSCOM or HQMC.
What BUMED Instruction covers Overseas Screening, Suitability and EFMP?
Civilian healthcare providers for OSS will:
Possess a medical or dental license and communicate effectively in English.
Provide supplemental info, when appropriate, such as narrative summaries, lab results, dental records, etc.
Complete and legibly sign the forms and enter his or her name, telephone number and address.
Return completed forms and supporting documents for each service and family member to the SSC for review and determination of suitability.