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What is VO2 max?
Maximum volume of O2 exchange that can be accomplished by a particular individual
What does V02 represent?
Volume of oxygen consumed ---Indicator of fitness
How is it influenced with training?
VO2 Max increases with training
What is the difference between absolute and relative VO2?
Relative accounts for body weight
5L/min Absolute
38 ml/kg/min relative
What is the relationship between V02 and kcals?
Burn about 5 kcals per ml/min of o2 consumed/min
Conversion is approx
5 kcal /liter O2
vo2 max to calories > > vo2 max X 5 = kcals (Approx)
ie 2.5 ml O2/min X5 + 12 Kcals/min ( at max )
What is RMR?
Resting Metabolic Rate
What is a MET?
Metabolic Equivalent MET= 3.5mLO2/kg/min
Name I field test used to assess the immediate energy systems.
Vertical jump
What intensity would Free Fatty acids supply the greatest quantity of fuel for exercise?
What intensity would muscle glycogen supply the greatest quantity of fuel for exercise?
What supplies energy during the 02 deficit stage?
Fast glycolysis (Lactate cycle)
What does EPOC represent?
Excess Postexercise o2 Consumption
How does training influence 02 deficit and EPOC?
Recover faster
What effect does high intensity training have on CP, ATPase, PFK, and glycogen breakdown?
What effect does endurance training have on mitochondria, fatty acid use, and enzyme activity of Krebs or beta oxidation?
Increase Krebs capacity, Increase number and size of mitochondria, increase transport mechanisms for FFA.