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Explain the resting membrane potential
Sodium outside and
Potassium inside set up a -70 mV potential difference at the membrane
Describe an action potential.
The threshold for depolarization at a spot on the cell membrane(reaches the lower threshold voltage Usually around -55 mV)
What is an EPSP/IPSP?
EPSP: Excitatory Post-Synaptic Potential
IPSP: Inhibitory Post –Synaptic Potential
What are the major divisions of the nervous system?
How do sympathetic and parasympathetic systems differ?
Parasympathetic---rest and recovery
Sympathetic---Action. (Swing or sprint) fight or flight
Differentiate between a hormone and a neurotransmitter.
Hormone is a chemical messenger released into the blood designed "to set in motion" a process.
Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are used to relay electrical signals between a neuron and another cell. Produced within the presynaptic neuron
What is the major difference between a steroid and peptide hormone?
Steroids are lipid solable and steroid hormones are generally synthesized from cholesterol in the gonads and adrenal glands.
Peptide hormones are a class of peptides that are secreted into the blood stream and have endocrine functions. Receptor dependent.
Which hormones are released during exercise to increase blood glucose?
Which hormone can be considered catabolic?
catabolic hormones- cortisol, glucagon, epinephrine
What effect does exercise training have on hormone release
What is required before an action potential is fired
You must reduce the charge across the plasma membrane.
Certain neurotransmitters or mechanical stimuli (e.g., acetylcholine)will open ligand-gated sodium channels.
Usually around -55 mV.