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AFAA Basic Exercise Standards and Guidelines were
The first exercise guidelines ever developed for the fitness industry
As the fitness industry has matured over the past two decades, exercise evaluations has broadened from
black and white to gray
When determining the appropriateness of an exercise for an individual, a factor that should be taken into consideration is the individual's
strengths, weaknesses, and skill level.
And exercise continuum can best be described as:
a spectrum pendulum that swings from effective to ineffective
which of the following is NOT one of the original AFAA 5 questions?

a. Is your back protected?
b. How and you modify this exercise to make it appropriate for all levels?
c. Can you isolate this muscle and stay in alignment?
d. what muscle are you trying to stretch, limber or strengthen?
B. How can you Modify this exercise to make it appropriate for all levels.
Which of the following is not one of the NEW, revised AFAA 5 Questions?

A. Are you doing that effective?
B. What is the purpose of this exercise?
C. Is your back protected?
D. Does this exercise create any safety concerns?
C. Is your back protected?
AFAA's concept of Fitness Triage grew out of the triage system found in
the hospital emergency room
Which of the Following are NOT high risk exercises on AFAA's List?

A. modified hurdle stretch
B. Full cobra
C. Bouncy (ballistic) stretches
D. weighted deep knee bends
A. Modified hurdle stretch
Most of the exercises listed on AFAA's list of high-risk exercises have
Alternate modifications appropriate for less advanced exercisers
AFAA's Fitness Triage® System classifies exercise appropriateness for individuals through:
A color coded system
When an exercise being evaluated by the new AFAA 5 Questions has a major safety issue, the particular question needing the most scrutiny is:
Question 3
The AFAA 5 Question that most carefully looks at the duration of an exercise and whether or not fatigue might be affecting the exerciser's posture and alignment is:
Question 4
An Exercise can be found to be both safe and effective for most exercisers, but still not pass muster for a specific individual. When this is the case, which AFAA 5 Question should you be Focused?
Question 5
Which question will help you evaluate whether an exercise is effective at achieving it's intended purpose?
Question 2
Functional Exercises
Use a number of muscles together in a combined fashion and replicate movements commonly used in activities of daily moving.
The concept of "Functional training" was first developed by:
rehabilitation physical therapists
Functional training exercises can be:
incorporated into most fitness classes if the instructor has the knowledge and expertise to do so safely