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Where is Exchange configuration information stored?
in the Exchange Directory
What database standard does the Exchange Directory adhere to?
What container is at the top of the Exchange tree?
the Organization container
What is a GWART.MTA file?
a Gateway Address Routing table
Can a GWART.MTA file be copied from one Exchange server to another?
no- they will differe from one server to another
How is a server's GWART.MTA file recovered if it is corrupted?
copy the GWART1.MTA (old GWART file) over GWART0.MTA
Where are attachment types accepted by different sites configured?
on the Internet Mail property page for each site
Can POP3 be used to view subfolders?
no- POP3 can only be used to view top-level folders
What is the result of assigning a cost of 100 to a connector?
the connector is only used if no other connector is available
By default, how many recipient containers does the DirSync Requestor export?
what component is used to transfer messages between Exchange and MSMail?
Microsoft Mail Connector
What component is used to share scheduling data between Exchange and MSMail?
Microsoft Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector
What tool is used to create mailboxes for Netware users?
Netware Extraction Tool
What component is used to share newsgroups as public folders?
Internet News Service
What connection type is designed to operate over a modem connection?
Dynamic RAS Connector
What protocol must be used to connect to a UNIX SMTP host?
Which account must be available on all post offices that need to participate in sharing Schedule+ data?
What four steps need to be taken to add an Exchange server to assist with distributing the system load?
install Exchange Server; join it to an existing site; provide the server neame of a server in the intended site; supply the Site Services Account password
What is a home server?
the server where a mailbox is located
What is an expansion server?
a dedicated server for expanding distribution lists
What two components must be configured to allow communication between sites?
a connector and an address space
Which connector is most efficient for a high-speed connection?
Site Connector
What component is used to provide a comprehensive address book viewable at each site?
Directory Replication Connector
When changes are made to the Internet Mail Service, what should be done to ensure those changes are properly reflected?
the Internet Mail Service needs to be stopped and restarted
What is the best way to configure a newsfeed to receive only a small selection of newsgroups from a newsfeed provider?
inbound pull
What does an inbound push from a newsfeed do?
sends all newsgroups to a server
What file stores the Exchange Server directory database?
What must be done to allow users to access mail via Outlook Express?
configure POP3 (so clients can receive mail) and configure Internet Mail Service (so clients can send mail)
What must be done to allow Internet users to browse an address book?
configure and enable LDAP
What must be done to allow remote users to access public folders?
install and configure OWA
How does public folder affinity work?
lower-affinity servers are contacted first
What port does SMTP use?
What port does POP3 use?
What are the four main messaging connectors?
Site Connector; X.400 Connector; Dynamic RAS Connector; Internet Mail Service
What is the maximum number of Organization containers valid in an Exchange environment?
What are the minimum requirements for Exchange 5.5?
Pentium 60Mhz; 24 Mb RAM; 150 Mb free space
What is the Microsoft-recommended minimum requirements for Exchange 5.5?
Pentium 133; 32 Mb RAM