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Gases move from the blood to the alveoli and the alveoli to the blood thru which process?
Definition of Stridor
A whisteling sound when breathing (usually heard on inspiriation). It is indictaive of obstruction of the larynx or trachea (airway).
For a patient with exercise intolerance, it is best to take what action re. activity
promot frequent rest periods throughout the day
How can you tell if a exercise program is increasing cardiovascular health
decrease in heart rate upon exertion
A patient has difficulty breathing. Which is the best position:
1. Prone
2. Fowlers
3. Semi Fowler
4. Supine
Best choice for a patient on a low residue diet
1. Ham w/ seeds
2. Poached Egg
3 Green Beans
4. Tomatos
poached egg
What is the best indicator of protein status
serum albumin
What is a common cause of acute dysrhytmia?
high or low potassium
Side Effect to warn patients about regarding aluminium containing antacids & opiates
IV Drip Question:
You are to start an IV of normal saline with a 10 gtts/mL solution set and infuse 300 mL over a two-hour period. At how many gtts/minute will you set your IV?
IV Drip Answer:
25 gtts/min
IV Push Question:
You are treating a patient for whom lidocaine is ordered at 1 mg/kg via IV push. The lidocaine is packaged as a 1% solution containing 100 mg/10 mL. The patient weighs 198 pounds. What is the patients weight in kg? How many mL will you give? How many mg are contained in the fluid given?
IV Push Answer:
90 kg
9 cc
90 mg
What is the best lab test for assessing renal function
S/sx of folate deficiency
fatigue r/t decrease in RBC's
Sore mouth & tongue
Assessment findings for fluid volume deficit pt.
dark amber urine @ low volume
Dry conjuntiva
What would be the least appropriate choice for a patient on a Na+ restricted diet?
1. Fresh foods such as fruits, meats
2. Oats
3. Rice
4. Canned Soups
canned soups