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Name box
Displays the address of the active cell. Located on the left end of the Formula bar.
Natural Language Formula
A formula that refers to column or row labels instead of the cell reference or range.
Numeric Label
A number entered in a cell as a label, not as a value.
Paste Function
A toolbar button that displays functions by category so you can enter arguments in the Formula Palette.
A block of cells in an Excel worksheet.
Range Name
Identification assigned to a cell or a group of cells.
A number entered in a cell
The work area for calculating data, made up of columns and rows separated by gridlines.
Active cell
The cell in which the cursor is currently located. (Marked with a dark outline)
Auto Sum
A toolbar button that automatically generates a formula that computes a sum of the nearest range of cell.
The intersection of a column and a row.
Cell reference
The location of a cell in a worksheet, identified by the column letter and the row number.
A text note attached to a worksheet cell.
Fill Handle
The small square located in the lower-right corner of the active cell. Can be used to copy formulas.
An instruction Excel uses to calculate a result.
Formula Bar
Provides an area for entering and changing cell data and reviewing cell formulas. It is located above the worksheet frame.
A text entry in a cell.
A predefined formula that performs calculations by using specific values