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Which keys do you press to enter more than one line of text to a cell
[Alt + Enter]
Most formulas in Excel begin with what sign?
Equal sign
What is the name given to the (=) equal sign in a formula?
Formula Prefix
What is an equation that uses more than one arithmetic operator (eg.+,_,*,/) called?
Complex Formula
When computing formulas, which direction does Excel move within the formula.
From left to right
What is the order in which Excel performs calculations for the following ... addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and operations within parenthesis?
1.Operations within parenthesis
2. Multiplication
3. Division
4. Addition
5. Subtraction
What do we call a cell reference when Excel copies a formula from one area to another and automatically changes the the column and row numbers to reflect the new position?
Relative Cell Reference
To select non-adjacent cells, rows, or columns, we need to hold down what key?
[CTRL] the control key
"Sum", "Average", "Max" are all examples of ___________?
____________ are predefined worksheet formulas that enable you to perform complex calculations easily.
What button on the Standard toolbar allows you to perform functions?
Paste Function Button
What is the menu and sub menu that you use to enter a function such as sum, average,or min.?
"Insert" on the menu bar
"Function" on the sub menu
The small black "crosshair" in the lower right hand corner of a cell used for copying formulas is called a __________?
Fill Handle
What is the name of the Excel feature that allows us to verify what cells are being used in a formula by color coding the cells?
Range Finder
How do you verify the formulas in a cell using "Range Finder"
Double-click on the cell with the formula that you want to check
What menu and sub menu do you use to format cells?
Click ...
"Format" menu
"Cells" sub menu
What is the keyboard shortcut to open the "format cells" dialog box?
[CTRL + 1]
What button on the formatting toolbar displays a $ sign to the far left in a cell?
Currency Style Button
What type of "$ sign" displays the $ sign to the far left in a cell with spaces between it and the first number?
"Fixed $ sign"
What type of "$ sign" displays the $ sign to the immediate left of the first number?
"Floating $ sign"
To use a "Floating $ sign" style you must use what menu and sub menu?
"Format" menu
"Format Cells" sub menu
The increase and decrease decimal buttons are located on what toolbar?
Formatting toolbar
What type of formatting lets you apply formatting that appears only when the value in a cell meets certain conditions that you specify?
Conditional Formatting
You can apply "conditional formatting" to ...
1. a cell
2. a range of cells
3. a worksheet
4. an entire workbook
What menu and sub menu do you use to apply "Conditional Formatting"?
"Format" menu
"Conditional Formatting" sub menu
What is the term used when Excel automatically adjusts the width of a column to fit the widest entry?
"Best Fit"
What is the menu method to change the width of a column?
"Format" menu
"Column" sub menu
"Width" extended menu
What is the menu method to change the height of a row?
"Format" menu
"Row" sub menu
"Height" extended menu
When printing a worksheet:
The ____________ version shows the results of the formulas you have entered on the worksheet.
"Value" version
When printing a worksheet:
The _________ version shows the actual formulas entered on the worksheet.
"Formula" version