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extending its national boundaries
popular soverignity
idea that people holdl the final authority in the goverment. In this belief, voters in a new territory would decide whether or not to allow slavery.
strong sense of pride r devotion in one's own country
the shutting off of a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
add on
right to vote
seperating people of different races in public places
manifest destiny
belief that America should expand west towards the Pacific
Abe Lincoln
president of union
had little political and military experience
Frederick Douglas
best known black abolitionsit
born in slavery, but escaped and spoke about the sorrows of slaverya nd the meaning of freedom
Willima Loyyd Garison
one of the most outspoken white abolitonst
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote the book Uncle Tom's cabin which showed the evils of slavery and teh injustice of teh Fugitive Slave law
Dorthea Dix
helped create a mental hospital and inspected many jails in many states. She helped mentally ill patients be treated nicely, not as criminals. She became the superintedent of nurses in the Union Amry
Elizabeth Blackwell
set up the nation's first medial school or women