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john wycliffe
said the Bible not the church was the source of truth. Translated Bible into English
wrote The Divine Comedy
geoffrey chaucer
Chaucer was a writer who wrote in the vernacular, or the common language. He wrote about all different kinds of people who went on a pilgrimage to Thomas Becket’s tomb in a book called The Canterbury Tales. His stories allow people today to know about the daily life of different people.
pope urban II
Pope Urban II was the pope who responded to Alexius I’s plea that the church help them fight the Turks. He called for a Crusade to free the Holy Land at the Council of Clermont in 1095
Muslim leader who held Jerusalem
philip II
King of France who fought against King John
philip IV
King Louis IX’s grandson. Clashed with the Pope.
William of normandy
Known as William the Conqueror and William I. King of England
battle of hastings
Where William I and his Norman knights triumphed over Harold
henry II
Henry II was the ruler of England, and he expanded the legal system to be the basis of common law. The system was the favored one of the people over that of the church. He started the concept of a jury. He extended royal power until it angered the church.
thomas beckett
Archbishop of Canterbury
king john
King Henry’s son who was greedy and cruel. Forced to sign Magna Carta.
edward I
King of England. Died with no heir. William I followed him.
Spread Byzantine Christianity. Married sister of Byzantine Emperor
the Wise. Issued written code. Translated Greek words into his language. Arranged marriages in his family