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What control is used to coordinate all Web Parts controls on a page?
What property gets or sets the active display mode for a Web page that contains Web Parts controls?
What are the five standard display modes in the Web Parts control set?
1. Browse
2. Edit
3. Design
4. Catalog
5. Connect
What event is raised to indicate that the WebPartManager control has completed the process of switching from one display mode to another on a Web page?
What event is raised to indicate that the WebPartManager control is in the process of switching from one display mode to another on a Web page?
What property gets a reference to a WebPart or other server control that is currently selected for editing or for creating a connection with another control?
What event occurs after the selection of one WebPart control has changed and moved to another control on a Web page?
What event occurs during the process of changing which WebPart or server control is currently selected on a Web page?
What method can be used to add a WebPart control to a specified WebPartZone at a specified index?
What are the two ways user modifications can be scoped in a web parts page?
1. User
2. Shared
What step is required before a user can enter shared scope?
The user must be granted permissions in the web.config file.
What property can be used to query the supported display modes for a web parts page?
What property can be queried to determine whether the current user of a web parts page can enter shared scope?
What method can be used to programmatically wrap a server control with a WebPart control?
What attribute can be applied to a custom control property in order to persist personalization information?
How can personalization be disabled for web parts?
Add the personalization-enabled attribute to the <asp:webpartmanager> element on a page, and set its value to false.
When you create a User Control that's specifically designed to be a Web Part, what interface should you implement to expose common web part properties?