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How often does an advertisement change in an AdRotater control?
Every time the page loads.
What event can be used to programmatically select an ad?
What property of the AdRotator control can be used to filter adds?
AdRotator.KeywordFilter. If no ads are found, a blank image is displayed.
What controls the frequency of displaying ads?
The value of the impressions field associated with each ad. The value is a number that indicates the likelihood of how often the ad is displayed. The larger the number, the more often the ad will be displayed.
What is the difference between handling the Button.Click and Button.Command events?
The delegates for both events use different EventArgs classes. Click uses the standard EventArgs class, where Command uses CommandEventArgs. The CommandEventArgs class contains two properties that expose CommandName and CommandArgument for the selected command.
What event occurs when the user selects a day, a week, or an entire month in the Calendar control?
What event occurs when the user clicks the next or previous month navigation controls on the title heading of a Calendar control?
What event allows you to control the contents and formatting of a date cell in the Calendar control?
How can HTML attributes be applied individually to a label or input that makes up a CheckBox?
1. CheckBox.InputAttributes
2. CheckBox.LabelAttributes
What event is raised when a user selects a CheckBox control?
What event is raised when a user selects a CheckBox in a CheckBoxList control?
How can the size (in bytes) of a file to upload be determined when using the FileUpload control?
What property of the FileUpload control is used to determine whether a file exists?
What configuration element and attribute can be used to restrict the size of files uploaded?
The maximum size can be specified in the maxRequestLength attribute of the httpRuntime configuration element.
How can the name of the file to be uploaded be retrieved from the FileUpload control?
What property is used to set the redirect URL for a HyperLink control?
What property is used to display images in a HyperLink control?
What property is used to display images in an Image control?
How is the Image control different from other web server controls?
It does not respond to any events.
Explain the difference between the ToolTip property and the AlternateText property of the Image control?
The AlternateText property is displayed when the image is not found. If a tool tip was not specified it may also be displayed as a tool tip.
Explain the difference between the behavior of HyperLink.NavigateUrl and IButton.PostBackUrl.
NavigateUrl is output in HTML as an href attribute, which performs a web resource request. IButton.PostBackUrl performs a post to another web page.
Name the three standard HotSpot classes that can be used with the ImageMap web server control.
1. CircleHotSpot
2. RectangleHotSpot
3. PolygonHotSpot
What is the default HotSpotMode for a HotSpot?
What are the two behaviors that can occur when a user clicks a HotSpot?
The user is redirected to another web page or the page performs a postback to the server.
Explain the difference between the LinkButton control and the HyperLink control.
The LinkButton class provides the appearance of a HyperLink, but behaves like a Button. LinkButton is useful for server side processing when clicked. HyperLink is useful for navigating to another page.
What ListControl property can be used to set the field name of the data source that provides the text content of the list items?
What ListControl property can be used to set the field name of the data source that provides the value of each list item?
What ListControl property can be used to format the text displayed for each item in a list?
What ListControl event is raised when the selection in a list control changes between posts to the server?
How is the Literal control different from the Label control?
The Literal control renders static text to a web page without adding any HTML elements. You cannot apply any styles to a Literal control.
Which property of the Panel control can be used to indicate which button gets clicked when a Panel has focus and the user hits the 'enter' button?
What property can be used to specify or identify an active View control in a Collection of views associated with a MultiView control?
How can styles be applied to a view?
Add a Panel control to the View.
What event is raised when a View control becomes the active view?
What event is raised when an active view changes?
What method can be used to set the active View of a MultiView control?
What predefined command names can be associated with command names of Button controls in order to automatically increment and decrement the MultiView.ActiveViewIndex property?
1. MultiView.PreviousViewCommandName
2. MultiView.NextViewCommandName
What predefined command name can be associated with command names of Button controls in order to switch the active view to a View control specified by an ID?
What RadioButton property allows for the creation of a set of mutually exclusive controls?
What control does RadioButton inherit from to provide reusable implementation?
CheckBox (Inherits Checked property, CheckChanged event, etc.)
What are the three modes for a TextBox control?
1. Singleline
2. Multiline
3. Password
What property of the TextBox control allows you to set the display width in characters?
What property of the TextBox control limits the number of characters entered by a user?
What two operations allow you to dynamically move to another step in a wizard control?
1. Wizard.MoveTo Method
2. Wizard.ActiveStepIndex Property
What property can be used to prevent a user from returning to a wizard step after it has been accessed?
What property can be used to turn off the side bar in a Wizard control?
What property can be used to redirect a user to another page when the cancel button of a Wizard control is selected?
What method can be used to get a collection of WizardStep objects in the order they were accessed in a Wizard control?
What 2 properties are available to setup a document to be displayed by an XML control?
1. DocumentContent (String)
2. DocumentSource (File)
What 2 properties can be used to format the xml of an XML control before the output is displayed?
1. Transform (XmlTransform object)
2. TransformSource (XSLT style sheet file)
What property can be used in the Xml control to supply optional arguments to an XSLT style sheet?
When using custom Button controls in templates for data-bound controls, how are the click events propagated to the containing control?
In the form of an ItemCommand event defined by the data-bound control (e.g. Repeater.ItemCommand)
What is the main difference between a Panel control and a Placeholder control?
A Placeholder control does not add any additional output, where a Panel control outputs a div element.
What property allows a user to navigate to a control using the ALT key in combination with a specified character on the keyboard?