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What controls are used to define regions where replaceable content will appear in master pages?
What directive is used to identify a master page?
What attribute in the @Page directive is used to map a content page to a master page?
What controls are used in content pages to identify content to be combined with the master page?
What attribute of the Content control is used to map a Content control to a ContentPlaceHolder control?
How can themes be applied to master pages?
1. Individually using the content page
2. Using web site theme settings specified in the pages configuration element
What are the 3 ways to attach a master page to a content page?
1. Page level (Using @Page)
2. Application level (Using pages configuration element)
3. Folder level (Using pages configuration element in folder web.config)
What property can be used to get a reference to the master page for a page?
What directive can be used to create strongly typed access to a page's master page?
How can default content be specified for content in a Master page?
Add the content to the ContentPlaceHolder in the master page, and do not include a Content control for this placeholder in the content page.
What is the general rule for event raising in content and master pages?
Initialization occurs from the innermost control to the outermost and all other events occur from the outermost to the innermost. (A master page is a nested control in a content page)