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What class serves as the base class for all ASP.NET mobile Web Forms pages?
What is the recommended way to create pages in an ASP.NET Web application for use in desktop and mobile device browsers?
Create a set of pages that inherit from the Page class for the desktop and another set of pages that inherit from MobilePage for mobile devices
What is the recommended approach to mobile web development in .NET?
Using the mobile Web server controls and creating pages that inherit from MobilePage
What are device filters used for?
To customize certain rendering aspects of a web server control
What two approaches does ASP.NET provide for mobile solutions?
1. System.Web.Mobile
2. Adaptive Rendering Architecture
What element provides a construct used to customize a mobile Web page for specific types of devices?
<Choice />...
What construct can be used to add custom device filters, extending the MobileCapabilities class?
When using the <DeviceSpecific> construct, what must the Filter property of a choice correspond to?
The Filter property must correspond to a custom filter in web.config, or must exist as a method on the containing page or user control.
What element can be used to map a specific text writer to a particular device in order to control the output rendered?
<controlAdapters> (used in .browser)
What is the purpose of a .browser file?
Defines capabilities of a browser, and how to render markup to that browser.
What is adaptive rendering?
The process of using control adapters to generate target-specific markup.