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What method of string comparison is used in StringCollection?
String comparisons are case-sensitive.
What is the default comparer used in NameValueCollection?
The default comparer is the CaseInsensitiveComparer.
How does NameValueCollection store values differently than NameObjectCollectionBase?
Unlike the NameObjectCollectionBase, NameValueCollection stores multiple string values under a single key.
What does the NameValueCollection.Item property return?
A String that contains the comma-separated list of values associated with the specified key, if found; otherwise, a null reference.
What is a SortedList?
A data structure that represents a collection of key/value pairs that are sorted by the keys and are accessible by key and by index.
What is a NameValueCollection?
Represents a collection of associated String keys and String values that can be accessed either with the key or with the index.
What is a StringDictionary?
A class that implements a hash table with the key and the value strongly typed to be strings rather than objects.
What are some differences between a StringDictionary and a NameValueCollection?
1. NameValueCollection allows multiple values to be stored under one key, where StringDictionary does not.

2. NameValueCollection allows lookup by numeric index and key, where StringDictionary only allows lookup by key.
What is the purpose of StringCollection?
Represents a collection of strings. This class is similar to a strongly typed ArrayList with less functionality.
How are keys compared in a StringDictionary?
What are guidelines for using SortedList?
Use SortedList for storing data that needs to be sorted, is mostly static, and needs to be updated only infrequently. Otherwise, frequently updated data will need to be resorted.