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What is the largest cranial nerve?
What is the major motor cranial nerve of the facial muscles?
facial nerve
What is the cranial nerve of hearing and equilibrium?
name the 12 cranial nerves
optic,oculomotor,olfactory, trigeminal,trochlear, abducens,facial, vestibulocochlear,glossopharyngeal,vagus,accessory, hypoglossal
What is the cranial nerve that controls tongue movements?
hypoglossal nerve
wshat cranial nerve controls swallowing?
accessory nerve
Name 2 cranial nerves that originate from the medulla oblongata
accessory and hypoglossal nerves
Name 2 cranial nerves that originate from the midbrain
oculomotor and trochlear
What is the difference in functions between the trochlear nerve and the oculomotor nerve?
the trochlear nerve slightly depresses the eyeball whenthe head turns and the oculomotor nerve rotates the eye up and down
What are the 3 divisions of the trigeminal cranial nerve?
opthalamic,maxillary and mandibular
Name 3 sensory cranial nerves
olfactory,optic and vestibulocochlear
Name 5 motor cranial nerves
trochlear,hypoglossal and accessory
Name the 4 body systems under control of the vagus cranial nerve
cardiac,pulmomary,digestive and urinary
What cranial nerve is in control of lateral eye movements?
What cranial nerve controls up and down movement of the eye as well as medial movement of the iris,lens and upper eyelid?