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Freud's Iceberg Model includes what three levels?
1) Conscious
2) Preconscious
3) Unconscious
What does the id operate under?
Pleasure principal.
What does the ego operate under?
Reality principal.
What does the superego operate under?
What four levels make up the Trait Model?
1) Superordinate Level
2) Trait Level
3) Habitual Response Level
4) Specific Response Level
What do personality traits represent?
Individual Differences
What is a trait?
A stable dispositional characteristic which reflects the "individual's distinct and relatively enduring pattern of thoughts, feelings, motives, and behaviors."
What pre-disposes different types of cognitive, affective, and interpersonal behavior; as well as develop early and are rooted in genetics and temperament?
Personality Traits lead us to have a dispositional tendency to...
...behave certain ways.
What becomes more consistent with aging?
Personality traits/behaviors.
What percentage of the population differences of personality traits are due to genetic differences?
What two factors make up "Eysenk's Two Factor Model"?
Emotional Stability vs. Emotional Instability
Extraversion vs. Introversion
What four "types" are people divided into due to "Eysenk's Two Factor Model"?
1) Melancholic
2) Choleric
3) Sanguine
4) Phlegmatic
What two factors make up melancholic in "Eysenk's Two Factor Model"?
Introverted and Unstable
(moody and withdrawn)
What two factors make up Choleric in "Eysenk's Two Factor Model"?
Extroverted and Unstable
(irritable and outgoing)
What two factors make up Sanguine in "Eysenk's Two Factor Model"?
Extroverted and Stable
(stable and outgoing)
What two factors make up Phlegmatic in "Eysenk's Two Factor Model"?
Introverted and Stable
(stable and withdrawn)
What is the most dominant current psychometric measurement perspective in personality psychology?
The "Big Five"
What five traits make up the "Big Five"?
C - conscientiousness
A - agreeableness
N - neuroticism
O - openness
E - extroversion
Traits predispose people to do what three things in certain ways?
1- ACT
What is the correlation between the first time and the second time of taking the "Big Five" Test?
r=.8 over 6 years!
What is factor analysis?
Take complexity and make sense of it - reducing a correlation matrix
-->a process in which the values of observed data are expressed as functions of a number of possible causes in order to find which are the most important.
What was the LOT-R?
Life Orientation Test - Revised
-measure of optimism
-objective self-report personality test
What was different about the Defensive Pessimism test and the LOT-R?
The Defensive Pessimism test had a different spin. Some people are prepared for the worst and are healthy; pessimism is not necessarily a bad thing.