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political category (powerless)
subject to: prejudice and discrimination
(stereotype) prejudge members of a group based on perceived qualities of the group -a universal tendency, a way of categorizing others in our minds
the way members of minority groups are limited from full participation in society
shared cultural heritage-less ascriptive, internal knowledge attachment (women not an ethnic group)-involves some sort of migration
social construction-given its reality by popular perception
institutional racism or institutionalized discrimination
type of discrimination where minority disadvantages persist independent of prejudice or the intent to discriminate- b/c disadvantage is built into the institutional structure
prejudice theory: scapegoat
prejudice springs from frustration among ppl who are themselves disadvantaged
prejudice theory: authoritarian personality
(Adorno)authoritarian personalities rigidly conform to conventional cultural values & see moral issues as clear-cut matters of right and wrong - look upon society as naturally competitive and hierarchical
a state in which ppl of all races and ethnicities are distinct but have social parity
US not pluralistic bc 1. most ppl value their cultural heritage, few want to live just w/ others exactly like themselves 2 tolerance of social diversity goes only so far 3. ppl of various colors & culures do not have equal social standing
the process by which minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant culture