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Sent by God to bring restoration and salvation of Israel
Virgin woman who gives birth to Jesus
angel comes to her and tells hert that she is to have God's son, doesn't believe it at first
Biological father of Jesus, husband of Mary
Baptized people who came to him in the Jordan river, Was asked to Baptize Jesus
John the Baptist
Governor of Israel over Jews, doesn't like that Jesus claims he is the "king of the jews"
Chief Priests and him gave Judas 30 silver coins to lead him to capture Jesus
Pontius Pilate
King of Israel when jesus was born
Hear's that the "son of god" is going to be born and orders the death of all baby boy's of the age of 2 and under to be executed in hopes of executing Jesus
Herod the Great
Denies Jesus three times the day he is captured when people accuse him of also being a follower of Jesus
-one of the 12 disciples
-Believed fully in Jesus and was a follower after Jesus' death, went around and preached to the people that they need to follow the word of God
Simon Peter
Betrays Jesus when the chief priests and Pontius Pilate offer him 30 silver coins in return for him leading them to Jesus's capture
-one of the 12 apostles
-Takes Judas's place as a disciple after people pray and vote him in
Sold a piece of property and lied to the apostles about how much it cost, died instantly and was burried
A pharisee and teacher of the law
-talked the men of Israel and told them that two people (Theudas and Judas) have already attempted to rally men together and they failed, and so will the 12 apostles if it is of human origin, but if it is God's will they will succeed
-Saved the lives of the 12 apostles
-Elected by the 12 original disicples to be one of the 7 new disciples
-performed mirraculous signs and was full of god's grace and power
-Gave the speech to the people of Israel how God saved their people from Egypt and that they denied him, and how they denied the prophets, and how they recently denied the holy spirit, and told them to stop being stubborn like their "fathers"
-angered the people which led to him being stoned
-Spread the word of God
-Ran across an Ethiopian Eunech on the south desert road that went down from Jerusalem to Gaza
-Overheard the Eunuch reading the book of Isaiah and offered to explain it to him, which led to him Baptizing the Eunuch
-Started off against the disciples, persecuted the disciples
-Had his sight taken from him by jesus and was told to head to the city and pray where it would be restored, which it was, and he was baptized then
-Spread the word of God immediately there-on after
-Centurion in what was known as the Italian Regiment
-Saw an angel of God and was told to send men to Joppa to briang back Simon Peter
-angel who delivers message to mary that she will have jesus
-Father of John the Baptist
mother of John the Baptist
Introduces theme of election
Seems like favoritism
promises him that he will be the father of many nations
Unconditional covenant, except for curcumsission
Abrahamic Covenant
Argued that you do indeed have to be a member of Abraham, but you have to have faith like Abraham, and once you have faith you are apart of the family.
Paul's interpretation of the Abrahamic Covenant.
Law was given to make people aware of sin, but not given for purpose of salvation. Paul was saying that it was not meant for salvation.
Jewish Law (Torrah)
Babylonian Captivity
Israel is rejected b/c they have to be restored. 1st christians thought of story of jesus as restoration of Israel, bringind end to judgement.
Apostolic Council (Council at Jerusalem) was a meeting when paul, barnabus and titus met wiith pillars of church to discuss what?
whether or not Gentiles need to be circumsized
What is the solution to the debate of the Apostolic council?
agree that gentiles don't have to be circumsized
Jews at the time of Jesus believed what?
They are the chosen people
One God of the universe
were waiting for restoration of Evil by End of the world and salvation
committed to restoration of Israel by fighting romans, revolutionaries, wanted to bring restoration to force
Concerned w/ keeping the law, some zealots but not all, critical of temple, wanted to find other ways Jews could keep the Torrah without the temple.
Priests, support status quo b/c they're invested in Temple. A lot of controversy b/c it was built by Herod
Noachic Covenant
Made covenant with Noah not to flood again since sin is from birth and he preserved his creation
Universal covenant with all creation
repitition of the sinai covenant remaining in Canaan
Israel turns away from God and then someone conquers them
Then israel cries out to got and he sends a judge that frees them
Schechem Covenant
Who was the first King of Israel?
What was the Sinai Covenant's rules and regulations?
10 commandments and torrah given
-They can be God's people if they keep all his rules
Davidic Covenant
Promises David a "Dynasty of Sons"
Promises this dynasty will have kingdoms to rule over
Covenant is Unconditional
Which covenant is the only fully conditional covenant, and which one is partially unconditional?
Sinai Covenant- had to follow Gods rules
What was the significance of the Temple to jewish people?
Focal point of Jewish identity and religion; where God comes to Earth.
Religious festival that celebrates god's ac to free Israelites from Gentiles.
- jesus was executed during passover
church festival that celebrates the giving of the holy spirit
where jesus luved, and where he was from
expected world to end and israel to be restored, wanted to make sure to be a member of Israel so you could have salvation in restoration. Believed that Gentiles should be brought in, Argument are what conditions can gentiles be members
Gentile Membership
What did paul say about people of Israel
through jesus people are saved. jewish ppl and israelites can't be restored b/c they don't accept Jesus. Have to accept jesus cause it is part of the prophecy that israel is restored. Paul predicts that people will come to jesus and israel will be restored.