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Focus of approach
observable behavior, what can visibly be measured
Little Albert demonstration
Since all behavior is learned through associate, a child was taught to fear a white rat

Because Santa Claus had a white beard, Albert generalized and feared the beard
Operant conditioning is learning by ---?
learning by reward / punishment
Skinner box
A rat is placed in a box, and when a lever is depressed, a dispenser provides food to the rat.

it measured the length that the lever is depressed, and how often
rewarding successive behaviors
the two schedules of reinforcement?
continuous or intermittent
Most effective schedule for reinforcement?
Positive reinforcement
Positive reinforcement
give something pleasant
Negative punishment
Negative punishment
remove something pleasant
Positive punishment
Positive punishment -
giving something unpleasant
Negative reinforcement
Negative reinforcement -
remove something unpleasant
Classical conditioning is learning by ____ ?
Classical conditioning is learning by

Know how to identify the following in an example

Unconditioned stimulus UCS

Naturally evokes UCR
Know how to identify the following in an example

Unconditioned response UCR

Natural response to UCS
Know how to identify the following in an example

Conditioned stimulus CS

learned, association to UCS
Know how to identify the following in an example

Conditioned response CR

learned response to CS
Modeling is? (regarding behavior)
Behaviors are modeled after what has been seen and experienced
Bobo doll study
A inflated doll, has a weight in the bottom. Was used to exhibit aggression in children
confidence in one's abilities
Self-efficacy therapy
Guided Mastery
similar to shaping, baby steps

Vicarious Learning
aka observational learning

Verbal Persuasion
aka self-talk, reassurances by therapist
Behavior modification therapies
through classical conditioning ?
systematic desensitization (mostly phobias)

aversion therapy
Behavior modification therapies
Through operant conditioning
changing contingencies
token economies
Behavioral assessment techniques
Behavioral assessment techniques
direct observation
peer report
Male gender stereotype?
high agentic, low communal
Female Gender Stereotype?
low agentic, high communal
Locus of control is ???
a term in psychology which refers to a person's belief about what causes the good or bad results in his or her life
Those high in Agentic and Communal are considered...?
Actual vs Ideal Self
Incongruency & mental health ?
The more incongruent (difference) between actual and ideal self, the more it affects your mental health
Person-centered Therapy
What is? Reflection
Therapist paraphrases what the client said, to ensure understand and unbiased approach
The Q Sort
Therapist gives a stack of cards with adjectives on them, client picks those that describe them, correlation described