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How many different joint cavities are associated with TMJ?
one above the disc and one below
anatomy of TMJ:
-mandible: ...
-temporal bone: ... and ...
-cartilage: ...
-condylar process
-mandibular fossa and articular tubercle (eminence)
-articular disc
the temporalis muscle attaches to the ... of the mandible
coronoid process
the 2 synovial joints of TMJ:
-superior is the ... joint. it does ... and ...
-inferior is the ... joint. it does ... and ...
-protrusion and retrusion

-depression (opening) and elevation (closing)
what are the 4 muscles of mastication? (action: closing mouth)
medial pterygoid
lateral pterygoid
the muscles of mastication are innervated by
V3 - mandibular
which muscle of mastication is a "sling" with the masseter?
medial pterygoid
which muscle of mastication
-has 2 heads
-does protraction, depression, and lateral movement
-stabilizes the disc during retraction
lateral pterygoid
what 4 things are involved in opening the mouth? (moves the jaw in all 3 planes)
-suprahyoid mm.
-infrahyoid mm.
-(lateral pterygoid)
what are the 4 muscles that make up the infrahyoid ("strap")?
infrahyoid muscles:
... and ... are superficial
... and ... are deep
omohyoid and sternohyoid

sternothyroid and thyrohyoid
what artery supplies the muscles of mastication?
maxillary artery
maxillary artery:
-is a terminal branch of the ... artery
-the branches are named for the ... it supplies
-middle meningeal; and inferior alveolar (which runs to supply the ...)
-external carotid
maxillary artery comes off the ... artery
external carotid
the middle meningeal artery goes through what 'door'?
foramen spinosum
the inferior alveolar artery goes through what foramen?
mandibular foramen
V3 is motor/sensory/mixed?
(V1 and V2 are sensory only)
which 4 nerves of V3 are sensory only?
inferior alveolar
the chorda tympani is a branch from ...
-it joins at the lingual nerve
CN 7 - facial nerve
nerve to mylohyoid comes off what nerve?
inferior alveolar
2 types of mandibular nerve lesions are...
trigeminal neuralgia and lesion of the motor root of the mandibular nerve
what does this describe?
-may result in weakness of muscles of mastication and a deviation of the jaw on protrusion towards the side of the injured nerve
lesion of the motor root of the mandibular nerve
what does this describe?
-sharp stabbing pain that radiates over the areas innervated by sensory branches of the maxillary or mandibular divisions of the trigeminal nerve.
-may be caused by pressure on or interruption of the blood supply to the trigeminal ganglion
trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux)