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Larsen-johansson disease
traction apophysis (sites of active growth) at inferior pole of patella. Usually in growing kids.
abnormal softening and degeneration of the cartiliage in joints.
Chondromalacia patella: degeneration on underlying surface of patella. Common in athletes
osgod-schlatter diseas
traction apophysis at tibial tuberosity.
genu valgum
genu varum
valgus and varus forces
Genu Valgum: postural deviation (distal part lateral) of the knee.
Knees inward, hips out.
Genu Varum: dispal part medial
Knees out, hips in.
Valgus alignment: distal part lateral (below knee out)
Varum alignment: distal part medial
sprain during anterior tibial rotation
knee (midpoint patella) to anterior superior illiac spine angle. Goniometer to measure.