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What is BPG
2,3 bisphosphoglycerate
Le Chatelier's principle
a system at equilibrium reacts to a change by adjusting so that equilibrium is maintained (equation shifts left or right)
lack of BPG ___(increases?/reduces?)__ Hb P50 from _______ to _____
reduces; 26 torr to 1 torr (in fetus)
Why is BPG an allosteric effector?
It binds at a separate site that O2 but affects Hbs affinity for O2. Hb may bind only one or the other
BPG structure and properties
-4-5 neg charges (at phys pH)
-synthed and degraded in RBCs (by glycolysis side rxn)
What form of Hb does BPG bind to
T form
How many BPG sites are there per Hbt? per Hbr?
1; essentially none, because site is distorted
Where is the BPG binding site located on a Hb?
parts of the 2 beta chains (on Hbt only). N-terminals of alpha-NH3 groups
-3 basic side chains
What is the relationship of fetal Hb (HbF) to adult Hb (HbA)
the p50 of HbF is always lower :. O2 is always transfered to fetus
-HbF has lower BPG affinity due to fewer cationic groups
Structurally what is different btw HbF and HbA
HbA--> alpha2beta2
HbF--> alph2gamma2 (?)
Does pH affect Mb's affinity for O2? Hb's? If so how
Mb no effect. For Hb, direct relationship. Lowering pH increases p50 (decrease in affinity)
Why is it important for __(Mb/Hb?)__ to be effected by pH?
Hb. Because then it can dump O2 in exercising muscle (b/c metabolism increases [H+])
What effect does CO2 have on O2 binding
Inhibitory. Promotes dumping of O2 in places with high CO2 levels, aiding delivery.
-HbT reacts more readily with Co2 than HbR does
What is the danger of CO
binds more tightly to Hb/Mb than O2 does. Toxic pollutand and metabolic end-product.

Dissociation is slow and catalyzed by light
HbT: summary

(3: molecs binding, features, and surrounding conditions)
-binds H+, CO2 and BPG
-Contains 8 salt links (which break on oxygenation)
-favored by high temp
HbR summary (2)
binds 02 and CO, less intersubunit interactions