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Who are the major participants in Advertising?
-Advertising Agency
Who is the most important participant in Adv?
The Consumer
The company who is paying for the message is?
Who do small advertisers get help from?
The Media
Who do larger companies use?
An in house agency
What is an in-house agency?
An agency that is a part of your company
What are the reasons for using an in-house agency?
1.Cost Saving
4.Cordination & Control
5.Company and product familiarity
What are some reasons to use and Independent agency?
2.Quality/Diverse Experience
3.Specialized Personal
4.Working Relationships
Sliding- Scale of Negociated Comission
Media outlet gives them % of what space is sold and typically comission is 15%
What is happening to the comission system? Why?
It is decreasing because of problems
Negociation Comission
Advertiser and Advertising Agency have coem to an agreement with what the comission % will be
Fixed Fee & Cost Plus is based on what?
Fee Based
Fixed Fee
The advertiser and the advertising agency get together and decide exactly how much the agency will get paid
What is the other part of the fexed fee agreement besides decideing exactly how much the agency will get paid?
What will the agency do for the client
Cost Plus
The advertiser will pay for all the costs associated with this campaign and then pay us "this much money"(advertiser pays agency)
What are the functions of a Full-Service Ad. Agency? (8)
-Creative Services
-Marketing Services
-Media Service
-Research Services
-Sales Promotion, PR, Direct Marketing
-Account Serivces
-Management and Financial Services
What is the Medias role in a full-service Ad. Agency?
How the message is delivered. whose eyes and whose ears are going to target your audience
What will a good media sales person look for?
Cooperative Advertising
Cooperative Advertising
The sharing of advertising costs by the manafactuer and the distributer or retailer
What would be an example of cooperative advertising?
Basically a reatiler can advertiser more than before but they must use a certain brand in there advertisement to represent that company who is paying for it.
National Advertisers pay more for space than a local advertiser, so the manafacture cant get the add for cheaper, but the local advertiser pays for the space bc its cheaper for them. What is this EX of?
Cooperative Advertising
When doing Cooperative Advertising is there any certain stipulations?
Yes. Their may be certain criteria the local advertiser must follow
Who are the participants to suppliers?
-Talent Agencies
What is a very broad agency? How come?
Supplier Participants- Basically it's anyone who is hired to supply something
Will suppliers typically specailize in a certain area?
Adverising Campaign
Consists of an analysis of marketing and communication situations in order to establish objectives and make strategic decesions to be carried out in a series of advertising messages to be place in advertising media
What is the very 1st step of advertising planning?
Strategic Research
When does the creative message take place?
Not until the end of the process
How the consumer relates to a product is apart of what?
Strategic Research
Research ____ you, but does not make ____ for you.
guides; decesions
What is the basic Research Process?
1.Establish the need for information
2.Specify Research Objectives
3.Determine source for Data
What are the 2 sources for data?
Primary Data Needed and Secondary Sources
Primary Data
-Primary Research
-Original research being done to solve specific issue interested in
Where do you look for research first? If there is no info here, then where?
Secondary Sources, Primary Research
Secondary Sources
-Secondary Research
-Info that is already available that we can use to solve our problem
Give a summary to the research process: (3 steps)
1.Define problem we face
2.Specify what we exactly want from the research
3.Where are we going to get this info?
What are the different types of Strategic Research?
-Consumer Research
-Prodeuct Research
-Competitve Research
Consumer Research
Understanding the consumers and what influences the purchase and use process
Product Research
Understanding consumer responses to the advertised product, service or idea
What are some parts of knowing the person in conumser research?
Understand who uses the product, whose buying? whose influencing?
What type of research does this belong too? How the product is used/could be used
Product Research
What type of research does this belong too? How product is designed to satifsy the consumer
Product Research
What type of research does this belong too? How the product is packages and distributed
Product Research
What type of research does this belong too? Image and position the product holds in the mind of the consumer
Product Research
Consumers perception of the brand relative to their perception of competing brands
Consumers overall perception of brand
Why would you want to know what your competitor is doing?
Because you need to monitor what they are doing so you can do better or top what they are doing
What are the strategies for Market Competitors?
Neilson Retail Index, Leading National Advertisers(LNA) and TNS
Neilson Retail Index
They will tell you where and how much they are selling there products, tell you how well your competitors are doing sales, how many stores are stocking there sales
Leading National Advertisers(LNA)
What your competition is doing on terms of advertising; where they are advertising and how much they are spending
Content of messages being put out
Why are market strategies helpful?
They help you get a better execution of delivering a message(a better message than all your competitors)
What is very important for success?
Knowing what your competition is up too!
Market Analysis
You looking for trends taking place in the Market Place:
-How do trends effect my product?
Most of our advertising objectives are:
Learning/Thinking & Feeling
What may be one of the biggest objectives?
What is the awareness objective?
Building ideas about your new product- getting people aware of it's capabilites
What is the knowledge objective?
Giving people info about your product
Coordination & Communication
Amoung all the people involved in the Adv. Campaign, they need to know what they want to accomplish and coordinate and communicate their efforts(agreed upon)
Decesion Making
Decide by looking back at your objectives, the decesion of what it is you want to accomplish
Evaluation of the Campaign
To look back and see if you accomplished your objective or not- did you accomplish what you said you would accomplish? Did the campaign accomplish the objectives?
5 characteristics of a good objective:
1.Specific, Concrete & Measureable
2.Define the target market
3.Benchmark and Degree of change sought
4.Time Period
Specific, concrete & measureable
this can not be vague, how are you going to evaluate if you did well or not
Define the target market
always include target audience, who the campaign is for, what group are we trying to reach for messages?
Benchmark and Degree of change sought
Benchmark measure
Benchmark Measure
Where your at right now
Degree of change sought
this is what we want to get to
Time period
How long will it take to accomplish the objective, you have to decide what the appropriate time period is-> how big is the job?
objectives need to be written down, there is way to much to be lost by assuming, if communication is written you have it right their to easily refer back too
The process of diving markets into groups of similar consumers and the selecting the group/groups which are most appropriate for the firm to serve
What are some way to divide people into groups?
-Benefits Sought
Characteristics of the individual-> age, race, religion, gender, income level, occupation etc
The grouping of consumers into market segments on the basis of psychological makeup- values, attitudes, personality and lifestyle
Segmentation based on where people live
What is this ex of: North vs. South, Rural vs. Urban, Own a home vrs. Renting?
Benefits Sought
What types of benefits from a product that one might seek( what people are looking for, what brand can deliver to them?)
What are the general types of Targeting Strategies? (3)
saying you decided on 1 particular group, concentrating efforts on that group
Atleast 2 or maybe even more groups your going to go after, diff. approaches for diff. groups
marketers saying that there product is for everyone, not really segmenting at all- same objectives for everyone