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Friction of distance
is dependent in part upon an individual's cognitive distance
What is cognitive distance?
Something like a mental map
Which is the order time order of world-systems hegemons?
Spain, Netherlands, Britain, America
Define race.
A group of people with a common biological ancestor.
Define white flight.
The emigration of white people from cities following desegregation.
List the three steps for geographical analysis.
1) Observation
2) Visualization/representation
3) Analysis
What does physical geography focus least on?
Human-environmental relations
What is EDA?
Exploratory Data Analysis
Define friction of distance.
The deterrent effects of distance on human activity.
Define distance-decay function.
Decreased activity with increased distance.
What are spatial interactions?
movements and flows between places
Time-space convergence _____ as friction of distance _____.
increases; decreases
When did European industrialization begin?
Late 1700s
What does the humanistic approach to geography emphasize?
The individual
What type of force is nationalism?