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The term human "senses" is defined as:
designed to attrieve information
Marshall Mcluhan was:
the most famous medis guy who came up with global village
A spoken word is an extension of:
thought (idea)
what is a thought?
it is a spoken word
what is a written word?
it is the extension of a thought
Print/mass produced is an extension of...?
a written word
A camera is an extension of....?
the eye
the telegragh radio is an extension of...?
the ear
T.V was derived from what technonlogies?
the radio and the camera
From the camera, radio, and tv....this technology was produced. What is was it?
the computer
The telegragh radio provided this....
a way to hear across space
With thought you can .....?
read and see across time
With the phone you can....?
see and hear
Electronics is the global form of what?
What was the "change" from Oral, Print, to Electronics?
Oral- Slowly
Electronic-Extreme acceleration
What was "pace" according to ...from oral, print, to electronic?
What was "society" like for the oral, print?
Print-City nations
Where did knowledge/information come from for the oral, print, and electronic stages?
Oral- orally
Print- printed
Electronic- *Telegragh radio
How many lifetimes have we had Oral (verbal, art)?
75,000 years ago
How many lifetimes have we had handwritting/ written words?
5,000 years ago
How many lifetimes have we had the printing press (first technology of mass communicaton)?
550 years ago
What does "Change" mean in the context of mass communication?
how things have evolved over the years
What was the primary goal of the Agrarian society?
primary goal of this society was food
What was the production technology of the Agrarian society?
things were hand made--crats,plowing,etc
Communication technology for the Agrarian society was according to...?
oral---written (symbols) and art

Society has gone from:
Villages(tribes) to cities
Production Technology in the Industrial society dealt with.....?
Factories, machines, and the fact that alot of things were mass produced
The method of Communication Technology in the Industrial society was....?
Printing press (LOWERED cost for
*things were printed basically in bulks

Society has gone from:
urban cities to nations
During the "information" society ...what was the means production technology?
the media---(electronic, radio, t.v., computers)
Over the past 200 years what changes have occured in the US workforce?
AGRICULTURE (growing food)--decreased to about 1-2%

MANUFACTURING (making things)--stayed the same

INFORMATION (technology0--increased
What is rhetoric?
the idea of artful communication/ persuasion
What are the 3 types of rhetoric?
What are the 4 qualities of ethical proof?
-the idea that the source has a good -credibility (experts/ credible source)

-percieved intelligence

-virtous character(speakers image as good & honest)

-good will (positive judgement of speakers intention toward audience)
What are the six various emotions for emotional proof?
Love or Friendship
Indignation (sense of fairness)
What are the 5 canyons of rhetoric?
What was the primitive mode of communication during the "tribal age" and how did
-oral and ear was the primitive mode
-traveled by interpersonal communicaton, poetry, rhymes, & songs
What is meant by the term "closed tribal communication?"
if one person left the tribe, he wouldn't get any info. & there was no source of information.
What was the print age?
-portable books were you can read on your own
-people could leave and still get information
What was the electronic age?
-the telegragh was the first device created
-global communication came into process
What is meant by the term "medium is the message"? and why is this?
-this is where the medium (t.v, computer, etc) is more important than the message/context being given

-this is b/c the medium can change the way you act/ behave and you use your imaginaton in a different way than you would if you were reading a book or llistening to the radio.
What year did the Printing press come out in? What year for the telegragh?
-printing press: 1455