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name 5 indirect acting sympathomimetics
amphetabmines, ephedrine (displace NT from its stores in nerve ending)
cocaine, tricyclic antidepressants (inhibit reuptake of NT)
which sympathomimetics can cross BBB?
indirect: amphetamines for exampe to elevate mood and insomnia
activation of alpha 1 in eye does what?
dilation (mydriasis)
activation of beta2 in bronchioles does what?
use of amphetamines in CNS?
treat ADHD, narcolepsy, suppress appetite
DOC for anaphylactic shock?
Epi b/c it acts on alpha R's to increase BP
DOC for actue asthmatic bronchospasm?
beta 2 agonists b/c bronchodilation
what do you use to decrease blood flwo?
alpha agonists: to reduce bleeding and congestion and to prolong local anesthesia
what type of drugs are used to suppress preterm labor?
ritodrine: beta2 agonists
all sympathomimetics may cuase?
arrhthmias and infarction
ending for alpha blockers?
how can your overcome noncompetive alpha blockers?
high amots of alpha agonists
what drug to you use to Tx pheochromocytomas?
phenoxybenzamine b/c noncompetivie, nonselevetive, irreversible alpha blocker
majore CV effects of alpha blockers?
decreased TPR
decreaed BP
reflex tachycardia
explain the Epi reversal
in presence of high concentrations of Epi, alpha blockers cause an actual reversal of BP response to the agonsit; the normal hypertenisve response (mediated by alpha R's) is converted to a hypotensive response (mediated by Beta 2 R's)
waht happens to the alpha agonist actions of Epi in the presence of alpha blocker?
b/c Epi cna't bind to alpha R's to cuase vasoconstrictors, it binds to beta2 R's to now cause vasodilation and a decrease in BP: in other words, the normal hypertenisve effects of alpha Rs is now a hypotensive B2 response
what is prazosin?
alpha blocker
useful in treating BPH and primary HTN
how is prazosin useful in treating BPH?
relax muscles in the prostate, via vasodilation
what are phenyoxybenzamine and phentolamine?
alpha blockers
waht is pindolol?
partial beta agonst and is used extensivley as a beta antagonist
why do we use beta blockers to treat HTN?
b/c they lower BP b/c of their combined effects on the heart, RAA system, and CNS
effect of beta blockers on airway?
increse airway resistance..bronchospasm which is more pronounced in asthmatics
what type of drug do you give pts who had MI to decrease mortality?
beta blocker
topical Beta blockers are used for Tx of?
what do you not want to give someone iwth asthma?
beta blocker
waht does chronotropic effect mean?
increase rate (beta 1agonist on heart)
what does inotropic effect mean?
increas force (beta1 agonist on heart)
action of beta 2 agonist?
relaxation of vascuar smooth muscle
may invoke reflex increase in heart rate
how can Beta blockers be used to treat glaucoma
they decrease the prodxn of aqueous humor
waht individual beta blocker is useful in treating glaucoma?
action of dobutamine?
synthetic catecholamine
selective effect on Beta 1 R's
increase CO
albuterol is what type of agonsit?
beta 2
isoproterenol activates what R's?
beta R's
dilates bronchial smooth mm
increases heart rate and contractility
waht is phenylephrine
alpha agonist
vasocontrxn, increse TPR