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How does L. rhodes use Rhetoric?
-uses his down- home folksy style and displays himself as a down to earth type of guy
-is thought of as a "sophists" ( very good at persuading people; doesn't mean that everything said is correct/true)
What tpe of rhetoric does he use?
*credible source
*good will--trustworthy
*percieved intelligence
*virtuous--can relate to everyone
*funny, witty (down to earth)
*lifestyle that "feels" good
How does rhetoric work in the TV ad?
-presented a precieved lifestyle--a better sex life

-when he married baton highschool girl he became more of a celebrity
What causes L. Rhodes down fall?
-starts talking trash to people
-credibility was shot
Who really has the power and why?
-the audience
-Marsha: gatekeeper

*it was a combination of all of them. the gatekeeper has to keep supporting them. Once something breaks down in the loop...everything goes wrong.
In the Matrix, what is symbloized by the green digits running down the screen?
the amount of people that plug into the media/ technology
How do persuasion skills of L. Rhodes make him a celebrity?
-he appeals to the masses
What is sybolized by the "L. Rhodes Automatic Reactor"?
-it was a simulation of the people's reaction and that it is lonely at the top
In the matrix, reality and truth hsa to deal with what?
-has to deal with the objective and interpretive views
What is social proof?
-where if we all believe something, then it must be true...even though it may not

*liking leads to believability