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People who influenced Darwin
Anaximander, Lamarck (giraffs), Lyell (natural forces change the earth over long periods of time), and Wallace (published with Darwin)
Different types of evidence
Biogeography, comparative anatomy (homologous structures), comparative embryology, molecular biology
Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
The frequencies of alleles will stay the same no matter how many times meiosis happens or how many times the alleles are put in different combinations.
Five Conditions of Hardy Weinberg
The population is large, the population is isolated, mutation does not affect the gene pool, mating is random, and all organsism are equal in reproductive success.
Genetic Drift
A change in the gene pool of a small population due to chance.
The Bottleneck Effect
Its genetic drift resulting from an event that drasticly reduces a populations size.
The Founder Effect
Its the colonization of a new location by a few individuals. The resulting gene pool is very small.
Gene Flow
When individuals move into or out of a gene pool.
Tools of Microevolution
Genetic drift, the bottleneck effect, the founder effect, gene flow, and mutation.
Tools of Macroevolution
Natural selection and variation.
Different phenotypic characteristics in a population.
Neutral Variation
Variation in a heritable characteristic that exhibits no apparant selective advantage between individuals.
Darwinian Fitness
It measures how succesful an organism is at passing on its genes to the next generation.
Outcomes of Natural Selection
Stabilizing selection, directional selection, and diversifying selection.
Sexual Dimorphism
The physical differences, other than sexual organs, between sexes.