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Gene Pool
The combined alleles of all the individuals in a population
Allele frequency
A measure of how common an allele is in the populationle frequency
A change in the DNA sequence; can introduce new alleles
New allele combinations formed during meiosis
Gene flow
The movement of alleles from one population to another
Lots of gene flow leads to...
similar populations (genetically)
Limited gene flow leads to...
different populations; could evolve into different species
Genetic drift
Changes in allele frequencies due to chance alone

Small populations more likely to be affected
Bottleneck effect
occurs after an event drastically reduces the size of a population
Founder effect
occurs after a small number of individuals colonize an area
Sexual Selection
Process in which certain traits increase mating success
Intrasexual selection
competition/fighting among males for females
males display certain traits to attract females
state in which genotype frequencies in a population stay the same from generation to generation
5 conditions required to be in equilibrium (not evolving)
o Very large population
o No emigration or immigration
o No mutations
o Random mating
o No natural selection