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what was the image that represented nurses and religion
angel of mercy - angelic creature
military image of nurse
hospitalizers - specialized soldiers who returned to outposts to care for sick and injured

during civil war they organized and coodinated supplies
Florence Nightengale
public health and epidemiology
ANA definition of nursing (6 features)
1. caring relationship
2. attention to range of experiences and responses
3. integration of objective and subjective data
4. application of scientific knowledge
5. advancement - education
6. promote social justice
formal nursing education paths

RN 1.diploma 3.bachelor 4.masters 5.doctoral

informal nursing education
Benner's Full Spectrum Nurse Stages (N Ab C P E)
Advanced Beginner
American Nurses Association
establish standards of liscensure
track healthcare legislation
National League for Nursing
establish and maintain universal education standard
Internation Council of Nursing
ensure quality care, global health, and improve working conditions
Four purposes of nursing care(Hp Ip Hr El)
health promotion
illness prevention
health restoration
end of life care
Trends in society affecting nursing
national economy
role of consumer
access to information
direct marketing
womens movement
collective bargaining
alternative meds
increased autonomy
high tech vs high touch
defintion of profession
knowledge of group must be based on technical and scientific knowledge

knowledge and competence of members msut be evaluated by peers

group must have a service orientation and a code of ethics