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gene flow
flow of alleles from one population to next population. like the one island migration model
island model migration
deal with flow of alleles from continent to island. proving that migration can interupt hw conditions
f. mating within your genetic family that can lead to deleterious alleles accumaltating.
coefficent of standard variance. measure heterozygosity of genetic differences between populations
effective population size
total number of random mating indviduals within a population that loose genetic variance via drift at same rate as an observed actual population. total number of of mating females and males.
sexual selection
different modes or traits that increase an individuals chance to mate
phenotypic varitability
total varitablity within a individual in a population for variations of a phenotype
intrasexual selection
males control if they get to mate by fighting other males for females
ie pride of lions
multilocus genotype
many genotypes can be acredited to many different loci on a differente gene for a trait
population admixture
mixing of 2 populations that can cause linkage disequilbrium
directional selection
indvidual fitness tends to increase or decrease with the value of phenotypic trait.. result in steady evolutionary change
organism is born from an unfertilized egg
mullers ratchet
statement tht in asexual populations alterations in deleterious allels accumulate much faster. more homozygous recessive genes.
genetic drift
sampling error in the production of number of zygotes for a gene pool.
creates linkage disequilbrium
selection on multilocus gentoype
genetic drift
population admixture