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Process of Evolution: Gradualism
Morphological Change and speciation are slow, gradual proceses
Model of evolution - Punctuated equilibrium
model of evolution, stating that morphological change and speciation are rapid,
Comparing anatomy to show evolution evidence

Homologous structure
Perform diff tasks but have similar anatomy
Comparative anatomy to show evidence of evolution: analogous structures
Diff anatomies but perform similar tasks
Comparative anatomy to show evidence for evolution: vestigial structures
No known function, anatomcally similar to functional strutcures in related organisms
Comparative embryology to show evidence for evolution
Similar form and sequence of development stages---think EMBRYO, DEVELOPMENT
definition of species
a group of interbreeding organisms
members of a species occupying a specific region
gene pool
all the alleles of all the genes of all the individuals in a population
allele frequency
relative occurrence of an allele in the gene pool
random changes in allele frequency that occur solely by chance
bottleneck (genetic drift)
situations drasticallyu reducing population sizes, leopards and elephant seals. wipes out huge #s of alleles and lots of DNA due to environment---genetic drift!!!
genetic drift: founder effect
islands and blue people of KY, no destruction: example of genetic drift
Mechanism of evolution: gene flow
addition/removal of alleles when individuals exit or enter a population. ethnic cleansing, slavery, hawaii: by destroying persons
Mechanism of evolution: mutation
any change in the sequence of DNA. important to evolution only if they onccur in the germ line, DDT/AIDS
mechanism of evolution : natural selection
increased reproduction of individuals with phenotypes that make them more likely to survive in a particular envirionment (survival of the fittest)
interspecific competition
between individuals of diff species, us an mosquitos
intraspecific evolution
b/w individuals within the same species, males in same species