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how much does the sea level rise each year ?

How much has the sea risen to date? how much have the beaches retreated?
2mm rise per year

12cm current sea rising,

there has been 12 meter retreat, 70% of the sandy beaches retreated.
who was awarded the noble peace prize in 2007?
the IPCC with Al Gore: intergovernmental panel on climate control.
What did the IPCC say is the estimated sea rise by year 2100?
the estimated climate change is between 9cm- 88cm

the medium of this is between 21cm-70cm.
what makes sea level vary?
water is tied up in Ice sheets and mountain glaciers.
how much would the sea level rise if the antarctic and greenland ice sheets melt?

is this likely to happen?
then the sea level would rise from 50-100 meters

this is unikely to happen anytime soon. max = 7 meters
What accounts for the 12cm sea level rise?
7cmis accoutned by retreat of mountain glaciers and ice sheets

5 cm accounts for warming
what are the type of currents?
Longshore Current

Rip Current
what is a longshore current?
type of beach drift. the longshore current goes into shore at an angle and then back out to sea perpendicular.

This moves sand along coastline
What is a Rip Current?
in a rip curent the current goes to shore perpendicular and makes everything concentrated in one area that pulls out to sea.
What makes beach dynamic systems?
The is always sand going in and out. if that is not the case then there is erosion.
what are the ways of coastal engineering?




Beach renourishment
What is bad about seawall?
Seawalls don't last long because of scouring. the waves crashing on the wall crashes down making the beach disappear.