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Attorney -C privilege based on what type of aw
fed common law
When is statement severable
When is made in connection with paying medical bills
when is whole statement not coming in at all
when admission made in connection with offer to settle the claim and compromise
Difference between offer to settle claim/admisison and offer to pay medical bills/admission
1) settle claim/admission=whole thing inadmissible

2) admission/pay medical bills=severable and admission comes in
Treatsie can come in for substantive
established as reliable and either 1) called to attention of expert or relied by expert
Can there be a vicarious admission if employee makes statement re scope of employment while not working
When can prior inconsistent statements come in for substantive
if prior statement made under proceeding
If prior inconcsitent just comes in for impeachment
prior statement not made under oath or at hearing
Generaly is CE allowed in evidence in civil trials as substantive
NO only if neg entrustment, defamtion, etc
Evidence of ownership allowed to show fault?
NO, but allowed to show ownership or control only
Is EE allowed to show bias
What is only thing evidene of lace of prior accidents shows?
No notice of D only