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Bobby has ____ ____ ____ pens in his pocket.
(two pens)
a couple of
The Great World War was ____ ____ ____ ____ .
(long ago)
a long time ago
The police will want to know how much YOU know, and ____ ____ ____ other things.(many other things)
a lot of
She put ____ ____ ____ candlesticks on the table.
(two things of the same kind)
a pair of
____ ____ wonders the world has ever known and treasures of the earth, there's no way to measure what you're worth.(more importante than anything else)
above all
She speaks ____ ____ her convictions.
(as the way)
according to
His ideas were right ____ ____.(in spite of what was expected)
after all
____ ____ ____ came back the remembrance of that bitter
moment.(over and over again)
again and again
I am right sure that you will ____ ____ me.(share the same opinion)
agree with
He stopped ____ ____ ____ ____ and looked at the door.
all of a sudden
The are very rich people and very poor people ____ ____ ____ ____ .
all over the world
We told her that both of us would remain with her ____ ____ ____ , and that seemed to comfort her. (always)
all the time
The poor little pig cried ____ ____ ____ home.
(the whole distance)
all the way
Well, he just sat around in
the hotel lounge, reading the papers ____ ____ ____ . (and so forth)(e assim por diante)
and so on
We are here to ____ ____ the truth of this matter.(get to)
arrive at