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Italy 1919
Angered by the Treaty of London (land not given to them)
League of Nations 1920
Failed to make Poland return Vilna to Lithuania
UK France Japan USA 1921
Washington Naval Agreement - Eased tension over China, worries about Japan
Germany 1922
Treaty of Rapallo with USSR
Britain 1923
Rejected calls for a disarmament conference
USA 1924
Made Dawes Plan to help Germany with their reparations
UK France Italy Germany 1925
Locarno Treaty - border between France and Germany accepted
Leading Nations 1928
Kellogg-Briand Pact - Height of Int.Relations 1919-1945
Japan 1931
Invasion of Manchuria - Expanding Japanese Army
League of Nations 1933
Germany and Japan left midway through disarmament conference
USSR 1934
Joined League - made a Pact with France
Italy 1935
Invaded Abyssinia - Made Stresa Front with UK and France
Germany 1936
Made Rome-Berlin Axis with Hitler - Leading Allies
France 1938
Appeasement over Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia
All Nations 1939