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What spinal cord level requires total dependence from others but the person can chew and swallow?
A person at this spinal cord level can drink using a long straw?
This spinal cord level of injury requires feeding with setup and AE, UB dressing with min-mod assist., LB dressing pt. is dependent, bathing requires min-mod assist, and grooming with setup and AE
With this level of spinal cord injury, feeding is independent with AE, LB dress. is Independent, min assist with bathing with DME, and I with grooming using a tenodesis grasp splint?
At this spinal cord level of injury the pt. is I with dressing but may need a button hook and can perform depression transfers to bathe.
At this spinal cord level of injury the pt. can transfer from w/c to floor and back to chair with SBA.
What spinal cord level of injury are pts. Independent with ALL self care?
When should an OT use the PLISSIT model as a guide for appropriate intervention?
With sexual expression/activity intervention
What mandates that restraints cannot be used without proper justification, agreement, and documentation?
OBRA--Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
A minimum of ___ inches is needed in door space for a w/c.
What is the ratio of slope to rise when building a ramp?
1:12 (for every 1" of vertical rise, 12" of ramp is required)
What is the avg. adult wheelchair dimensions?
w x d x h
w: 18"
d: 16"
h: 20"
Lightweight w/c are ___-____ lbs. while standard w/c are more than ____ lbs.
25-40; 50
With an amputee frame w/c, where in the weight more distributed?
towards the FRONT axle
What type of pressure relief cushion is good for someone who needs increased stability?
Fluid cushion
What type of pressure relief cushion is good to use when a person has good trunk control but needs pressure relief?
Air cushion
What provides trunk support on a w/c?
Lateral supports
What helps keep hips stable on a w/c?
Pelvic guides
What helps prevent an individual from sliding out of his/her w/c?
Wedge cushion, antithrust seats
What are the 2 basic styles of seating?
Linear (basic)
Contoured (made for the individual)
What type of EADL would be good for a person with arthritis who wants to use a computer?
Miniture keyboard
What type of keyboard would be good for people with decrease strength and/or mobility?
light-touch keyboard
Individuals with athetoid movements who have poor motor control need what kind of keyboard?
Delayed touch keyboard
Individuals with ataxia need what kind of keyboard?
expanded keyboard
An individual with severe mobility impairments should use what type of keyboard?
Eye gaze
When considering driving rehab, what can an OT do without specialized training/certification?
Perform clinical screening for factors that affect driving (visua perceptual, cognitive perceptual, motor, psychosocial, meds. side effects, etc.)
An OT practicioner who performs on the road driver training must become a what?
State licensed driving instructor
An OT practicioner who practice driver rehabilitation should become a what?
Certified Driving Rehab specialist
What can be prescibed to help a person with specific deficits drive?
Adaptive driving equipment
A 35 year old diagnosed with bipolar disorder has been taking lithium for 5 years. Prior to the weekly OT vocational planning group, the client complains of new symptoms since the last group session. The most likely symptom of a possible overdose is?
Gross hand tremors