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possible causes of secondary amenorrhea
multiple ducts, fat globules
prolactin inhibts GnRH
prolactomas, micro vs macro,
treat with bromocriptine
primary hypothyroidism
drugs-reduces dopamine/blocks receptors

reflex stimulation
hyperandrogenic state
cushings disease, PCOS
obesity, insuling syndrome
premature ovarian failure
adrenal hyperplasia
stress, loss of wieght, exercise
Asherman's syndrome
hypothalamic in orgin
secondary amenorrhea and avolution
low estrogen, no LH surge, no ovulation, no LH and FSH to produce progestrone from corpus lutum--> bleeding amenorrhea

no bleed, no ovulation, (except ashermans)
Hyperprolactemia, amennorhea connections
increased prolactin-->inhibits GnRH release-->no FSH,LH release-->no estrogen/progrestrin, no bleed.
3 common causes of hyperprolacttineia
prolactoma(micro, macro)
drugs-dopamine decreasing, dopamine blocking
primary hypothryroidism-->low t3-->increase TRH-->stim prolactin, release
obesity and amenorrhea
insulin resistance-->obesity
also-->promotes elevated androgens-->avoloution-->polycystic kidneys-->theca cells-->androsterone-->decreased aromatase activity, suppress SHBG syn
chrom abnormalities and autoimmune diseases and POF
CA: under 30, XO, streak gonads, women who are mosiacs, functional ovarian tissue

AD: depletion of ovarian follicles by autoimmune disease
asherman's syndrome
endometrail lining is scarred by sugery or infection, endometritis, C-section, myomectomy, metroplasty, sab, post-partum.

ovulation, no menstral cycle