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Wars of Religion
Conflicts between Catholics & Protestants in France, England, Netherlands & Holy Roman Empire,A period of about 100 years beginning in 1560 and ending with the Peace of Westphalia
Peace of Wesphalia
1648 Ended Wars of Religion. Renewed Peace of Augsburg accepted Calvinism. Confirmed dissolution of Holy Roman Empire
Vasco de Gama
Portuguese navigator first rounded Africa in 1498 landing on the Malabar Coast (India) Returned in 1502 & established trade fought Arab merchants
First Portuguese governor who established permanent stations in India, Hormuz & East Africa
First to circumnavegate the globe. Found southwestern passage and sailed into the Pacific in 1520
System introduced by the Spanish to moderate exploitation of Indian labor.
The mixture of white and Indians
Large silver mine discored in 1545 in Peru
Commercial Revolution
Economic changes in early modern period signifying rise of a captitalistic economy & transition from town centered economy to nation centered