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Revolutionary Tribunal
court set up by the Convention
Committe of Public Safety
set up by the convention to help with war efforts in and out of France
Maximilien Robespierre
good public speaker, leader of the Jacobin club, member of the Comittee of Public Safety
Charlotte Corday
Giordin supporter who stabbed Marat to death
editor of extreme left newspaper called La Pere Duchense, called for tighter price controls, roundup of suspects, and the trial of the Girondins and the Queen
levee en masse
the entire population of the country was called out to fight for the Revolution, really just propaganda
extremists who were trying to exploit problems to create an even more radical program, including fixed prices for goods and being able to take food supplies
Why did Convention set up Committee of Public Safety & Revolutionary Tribunal?
Tribunal - to stop the enrages & sans coulottes from killing people for no good reason

Committee of Public Safety - created because France was both undergoing civil war and war with Austria and Prussia, didn't want to be taken over
Describe the influence of Jean Paul Marat
Convention didn't like him much, people did. Very extreme journalist.
How did the attacks by the Girorondins against their political enemies backfire?
Made many unpopular moves:
- put the popular Marat on trial
- supported Dumouriez who defected to Austria and abandoned his troops
- tried to overthrow the leadership of Paris
how was the Revolution beginning to spiral out of control both in the country and out of it?
Mobing, rioting, general unrest were constant. People outside of Paris did not agree with radicals in Paris. Civil war problems started.
Robespierre's rise to power-- how did he become one of the most powerful men in France?
President of the Jacobin club, kept it together when it was falling apart. Became head of the Committee and the war with other countries started going better. Supported the mob rule of Paris, and was kept in power.
How did the murder of Marat push the revolution in an even more radical direction?
the enrages got more angry and powerful
What were some of the radical new measures passed by the Convention?
suspects could be arrested for not supporting the revolution, fixed prices, extremists appointed to the Committee of Public Safety
What did Danton do?
tried to use diplomacy with Austria/Prussia as well as with the Girodins within the assembly to get everyone to work together, was thrown off the committee of public safety